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Great Reading Adventure v4.1.0

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@k7hpn k7hpn released this 30 Nov 22:03

Release Notes: 4.1.0

NOTE: After version 4.1.0 was released we caught some additional issues in the software. Our recommendation is to move to v4.1.1 when you can.


The Great Reading Adventure is a robust, open source software designed to manage library reading programs. The GRA is free to use, modify, and share. Check out for an overview of its functionality and capabilities.


These release notes accompany 📚 The Great Reading Adventure version 4.1.0 which can be downloaded from GitHub!


There is no upgrade path from versions 2 or 3 to this release due to significant architectural changes. If you wish to upgrade from a previous release of version 4 see the upgrading section of the manual.


For information on what is required to run the Great Reading Adventure, please refer to the online manual. The software requires a hosting environment including the Microsoft .NET Core 2.1 framework and Microsoft SQL Server. If you don’t have such an environment, there are plenty of Web hosting services you can use.

Changes in this release

Notable changes in this release:

  • Update to the Microsoft .NET Core 2.1 framework
  • Add official Docker image support
  • Allow maximum allowable activity to be configured without requiring code changes

For more detailed information about changes in this release please review the change log.

Known issues

For up-to-date information about known issues please refer to the forum and the GitHub issue list.