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finalhourglass.js.abi is proud to announce the details for the world’s first SELF-COMPOUNDING Hourglass…Fish n’ Chips!

0.75 IOST FISH Token Buy In (Feeless) for ambassadors
Max. 40 Ambassadors

FISH tokens can never be sold.
Ambassador Buy-in: Min. 50k lOST - Max 375k IOST

Chips token:
Token: CHIPS
Start Price: 1 IOST
Fee: 11% In & 11% Out
Increment: 0.1 increase per 1 mil IOST
Name: Fish n' Chips

Chips Buy In (with Referrals):
6% Divs
3% Referral
1% Fry Bankroll
1% Devs
Chips Sell:
8% Divs
1% Fry Bankroll
1% Devs
1% Floor ( 50% B&B, 50% B&D)

Node Earnings: (Operator and Voting side)
100% Voter Rewards are reinvested through Buyback

**Fish n' Chips Voting rewards:
50% Buyback & Burn, hourglass reinvests in itself by buying CHIPS with the voter rewards, then burns the CHIPS it holds.
50% Buyback & Distribute CHIPS to FISH Holders

Order goes:
Ambassadors (No fee, stable .75 rate) -> FRY Investment Fund (current around 3 million IOST, pays fees+rain divs on ambassadors) -> General Public

Two tokens:
-Permanently locked, Can't be sold
-Ambassadors get FISH
-Everyone has the option to convert their CHIPS to FISH and lock them
-You can swap CHIPS for FISH but not the other way around,
-You get IOST divs just like CHIPS does + CHIPS divs from 50% Buyback & Distribute

-Can be sold whenever, not locked
-Price changes with every buy and sell
-Receive divs in IOST

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