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CS 364

BYU-Idaho CS 364 Software Engineering Class


This github repository is for the storage of and collection of research material, versioning of the content as we develop our documents and the ability to deliver our final Software Requirements Specification and Software Design Documents.

Markdown cheat sheets

I recommend that we utilize the Markdown script during our research and development phase of the project. It will provide a number of benifits that will help in focusing on the key tasks at hand. First, it will allow us to focus on the text and less on formatting. Second, it will allow the ability to easily version the content that is being created and developed. If there are any issues we can quickly revert or review old versions of what we're working on. Third, allows each of us to use the editor tool of our choice during the research phase of the SRS and SDD. Lastly, we'll be able to create a full draft version of our final document quickly and easily.

Examples Provided

Please look for my example found under research for using Markdown script, text, and images.

Final Document

Creating the final document from the markdown script will be fairly easy to do, in draft form. The basic structure, titles, headers, will easily be represented using the Markdown script including images, tables, etc. Spelling and other issues can be verified and corrected once it has been migrated over to Microsoft Word.


During research and development of the SRS and SDD the documents can be segmented into various sections to facilitate the ease of access to all Team Members. By creating a document list structure we can break out each section by name and section allowing us to group all documents together quickly and easily. This will should allow for document tracking quickly and easily. Breaking sections out using hierarchical structure of numbers will then also allow keeping each section separate but grouped by its numbering sequence and creating a natural sorted order on disk.


Additional Notes


BYU-Idaho CS 364 Software Engineering Class



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