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Changes since 0.3.0

  • Added support for Minecraft Preview builds.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to open the log file when it doesn't exist.
  • Improved authentication failure error messages.
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Changes since 0.2.x

  • Split the UI into three tabs: Release, Beta and Imported.
  • Added a small progress indicator to the bottom right of the window that shows what's happening during application load. The bar is invisible most of the time.
  • Fixed various issues that could occur when importing the same version twice.
  • Fixed possible loss of data when a target folder for importing a version already exists, but doesn't contain Minecraft game files.
  • Fixed crash when importing a file that isn't an appx.
  • Improved error reporting when failing to download versions due to beta programme issues.
  • Added a setting in the Options menu to disable automatic appx deletion post-install.
  • Added some useful options to menus:
    • File -> Open log file opens the launcher's log file in Notepad, useful for debugging
    • File -> Open launcher data folder in Explorer
    • Options -> Delete appx after download to save space
    • Options -> Uninstall all versions
    • Options -> Refresh version list
  • Versions newly added to the list are now marked with (NEW!) until the version list is refreshed or the launcher is restarted.
  • Improved error reporting when unable to connect to
  • UI progress now differentiates between "Registering package" and "Launching".
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Changes since 0.2.0

  • Fixed release package containing debug build of WUTokenHelper.dll (not runnable without debug SDKs installed).
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Changes since 0.1.0

  • Fixed IO exceptions caused by improper uninstallation of versions.
  • Added support for importing external Minecraft APPX.
  • Added checkboxes to allow hiding betas and non-installed versions.
  • Fixed error reporting on failed deployments.
  • Building MCLauncher.sln now builds the subprojects in the correct order (dependency issue).
  • APPX downloaded by the launcher itself are now deleted after extraction to save disk space.
  • Added loading bar during the launch step (this can sometimes take several seconds).
  • Added loading bar during uninstallation.
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First release of the launcher!

As long as you don't mind the slightly ugly interface the application works pretty well :)
Backing up your Minecraft data is recommended before usage. Don't blame me if you lose your worlds in the process.

Important: Make sure to enable Developer Mode in Windows settings