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0.9 features:
- Updated to 1.8.1 Minecraft.
- Split settings file to per biome. Some settings remain in the old file
- All deposit settings now in biome configuration files.
- Added 1.7.3 terrain generator.
- Added 1.7.3 biome generator.
- Added test generation mods. Will be more mods in future.
- New settings added in main configuration file:
Mode - generation mode. Normal - generate all,TerrainTest - generate only terrain, NotGenerate - generate empty chunks,OnlyBiome - use only biome generator.
oldBiomeGenerator - Enable 1.7.3 biome generator. Work only with old terrain generator.
oldBiomeSize - Biome size for 1.7.3 biome generator.
landSize - Regulate land size. Smaller value - island mode, bigger - no ocean.
riversEnabled - Enable or disable rives in biome generator.
oldTerrainGenerator - Enable 1.7.3 terrain generator.
StrongholdsEnabled - Enable or disable strongholds.
VillagesEnabled - Enable or disable villages.
MineshaftsEnabled - Enable or disable mineshafts.
canyonRarity,canyonMinAltitude,canyonMaxAltitude - Same as for caves but for canyons.
canyonMinLength,canyonMaxLength - Regulate canyons length.
canyonDepth - Decimal variable regulate average canyons height.
- New settings in biome configuration file:
biomeChance - By default set to 0 for river and ocean biomes, that`s biomes generated by another algorithm, but you can use it too. Default value 1 mean this biome place chance is 1/6. For example value 2 - mean 2/7 chance for this biome and 1/7 for others
BiomeSurfaceAdd - Decimal variable regulate surface height. By default used Notch value.
BiomeVolatilityAdd - Decimal variable regulate volatility. By default used Notch value.
SurfaceBlock - Block id for first block on surface in this biome. For example 2 (grass) for plains,forest etc
GroundBlock - Block id for block between stone and first surface block. For example 3 (dirt) for plains,forest etc
ReplacedBlocks - Block replacement features for each biome.
notchBiomeTrees - Enable or disable notch trees.
TreeDensity - Tree density.
waterClayDeposit - New type of deposit. Replace surface block under water or near water.
waterSandDeposit - Same as clay.
waterGravelDeposit -Same as clay.By default turned off ( waterGravelDepositFrequency:0 ) for all biomes.