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Looking for guidance on how to achieve a certain look, or hunting for inspiration? Check out these common Terrain Control use cases. Mysource has made some other examples over here.

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Shaping Your World

One Giant Biome

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Want an all-desert world? It's easier than you might think!

The settings to pay attention to here is the list of BiomeGroups inside the WorldConfig.ini. It looks like this:

BiomeGroup(NormalBiomes, 0, 97, Forest, Roofed Forest, Extreme Hills, Plains, Birch Forest, Swampland, Flower Forest, Roofed Forest M, Extreme Hills+, Sunflower Plains, Birch Forest M, Swampland M)
BiomeGroup(IceBiomes, 3, 90, Ice Plains, Cold Taiga, Ice Plains Spikes, Cold Taiga M)
BiomeGroup(HotBiomes, 0, 97, Desert, Savanna, Plains, Desert M, Savanna M, Sunflower Plains)
BiomeGroup(ColdBiomes, 0, 97, Forest, Extreme Hills, Taiga, Plains, Flower Forest, Extreme Hills+, Taiga M, Sunflower Plains)
BiomeGroup(MesaBiomes, 1, 40, Mesa)
BiomeGroup(JungleBiomes, 1, 40, Jungle, Jungle M)
BiomeGroup(Mega TaigaBiomes, 1, 40, Mega Taiga, Mega Spruce Taiga)

Remove all BiomeGroups and add a new one with BiomeGroup(NormalBiomes, 0, 100, Desert). Depending on the biome you use, you might want to disable oceans by setting LandRarity: 100.

Ocean world

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The easiest way to create an ocean world is by setting LandRarity to 1 in the WorldConfig.ini. Your world is now one large ocean, there are no continents anymore. You could also set the water level (WaterLevelMax) to something higher to get more water. You can also lower the ocean floor by setting BiomeHeight in the OceanBiomeConfig.ini to something lower (but avoid -2.0, because that value is bugged!).


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Skylands are created using the CustomHeightControl variable in the BiomeConfig files. You can find a detailed example here.

Vanilla world

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Sometimes you just need to change one thing of the generator (add a BO2 for example), without changing it further from vanilla, for example because you want to avoid borders with your vanilla world. This isn't done by setting BiomeMode and TerrainMode (WorldConfig) to Default: Terrain Control will completely ignore all generation settings.

Instead, you should set BiomeMode to Default and TerrainMode to Normal. If you don't change the BiomeConfigs the terrain settings will already look almost like vanilla. Biome placement is even with the default settings different from vanilla, but because BiomeMode is set to Default the terrain generator will use the biomes of vanilla.

Amplified biome

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"Amplified" is a world type available in vanilla Minecraft. In Terrain Control, you can make any biome amplified by applying the following formula:

amplified BiomeHeight = 1 + (BiomeHeight * 2)
amplified BiomeVolatility = 1 + (BiomeVolatility * 4)

If you do this for all biomes in the world, you essentially have an amplified world.

Populating Your World

Diamond-Rich Mountains

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A Steve's Best Friend

Here, we'll give snowy mountains a relatively higher density of diamond ore. Open the Ice MountainsBiomeConfig.ini file. We'll adjust a few numbers in the resource queue for this one. Ores are distributed using the Ore(Block,Size,Frequency,Rarity,MinAltitude,MaxAltitude,BlockSource[,BlockSource...]) directive, where:

  • Block is the block ID (or name) to distribute
  • Size is the average size, in blocks, of each generated ore vein
  • Frequency is the number of veins to generate per chunk
  • Rarity is the percentage chance of each vein actually being placed
  • MinAltitude and MaxAltitude are the vertical bounds of the ore distribution
  • BlockSource is one or more block IDs (or names) which the ore is allowed to replace

Thus, in Ice MountainsBiomeConfig.ini, we have:

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