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As of Terrain Control 2.4.13, the plugin sends some stats to, a service by Hidendra. You can view the stats here. Terrain Control won't upload your configs, it will only send your BiomeMode along with some information of your computer.


Collected data

The following data will be tracked:

  • Number of players/servers using the plugin
  • Java version
  • Operating system + version
  • Authentication mode (online/offline mode)
  • MCStats version
  • System architecture (32/64 bits)
  • Number of system cores
  • Game version (1.5.2/1.6.1/etc.)
  • Server software (CraftBukkit/Forge/Spigot/etc.)
  • Terrain Control version
  • Server location (Germany/Russia/Netherlands/United States/etc.)
  • Biome mode (Normal/FromImage/etc.)

Switching Metrics off

The metrics are optional, you can switch them off in plugins/Metrics/config.yml (Bukkit-based servers) or config/PluginMetrics.cfg (Forge-based servers). Just change the setting opt-out to true.

External links

You can find the Metrics thread by Hidendra on the Bukkit forums on the Bukkit forums. You can find a lot of information there about how Metrics works and what data it collects.

If you have any questions, or if you want to discuss the metrics, you can post in this thread on the Terrain Control forum, or you can create a new thread.

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