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package org.mcupdater;
import org.mcupdater.auth.AuthManager;
import org.mcupdater.downloadlib.DownloadQueue;
import org.mcupdater.downloadlib.Downloadable;
import org.mcupdater.mojang.MinecraftVersion;
import org.mcupdater.settings.Profile;
import java.util.Collection;
import java.util.logging.Logger;
public abstract class MCUApp {
public Logger baseLogger;
private AuthManager authManager;
public abstract void setStatus(String string);
//public abstract void setProgressBar(int i);
public abstract void log(String msg);
public abstract Profile requestLogin(String username);
public abstract DownloadQueue submitNewQueue(String queueName, String parent, Collection<Downloadable> files, File basePath, File cachePath);
public abstract DownloadQueue submitAssetsQueue(String queueName, String parent, MinecraftVersion version);
public AuthManager getAuthManager() {
return this.authManager;
public void setAuthManager(AuthManager newAuth) {
this.authManager = newAuth;
public abstract void alert(String msg);
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