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GridDataFormats provides the Python package 'gridData'. It contains a class ('Grid') to handle data on a regular grid --- basically NumPy n-dimensional arrays. It supports reading from and writing to some common formats (such as OpenDX).
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README for gridDataFormats

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The gridDataFormats package provides classes to unify reading and writing n-dimensional datasets. One can read grid data from files, make them available as a Grid object, and write out the data again.


The package is licensed under the LGPL, v3 (see files COPYING and COPYING.LESSER) and is available from


Install with pip:

pip install gridDataFormats


For the release docs see the GridDataFormats docs. (The latest docs are also always available at


Please use the issue tracker for bugs and questions.

GridDataFormats is open source and contributions are welcome. Please fork the repository and submit a pull request.

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