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"""Example: building a MthK K-channel tetramer
Rotate the monomer in pdb:3LDD around the 4-fold axis formed by the
K+-ions in the filter.
.. Note::
This example is not exact; use the BIOMT record in the PDB to
create the real tetramer.
import MDAnalysis
# need permissive to read HETATM (apparently...)
P = MDAnalysis.Universe('./data/3ldd.pdb', permissive=True)
filterK = P.select_atoms('resname K and resid 1:4')
monomer = P.select_atoms('protein')
axis = (filterK[0], filterK[-1]) # first to last filter ion
monomer.rotateby(90, axis, filterK)
monomer.rotateby(90, axis, filterK)
monomer.rotateby(90, axis, filterK)