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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# MDAnalysis example: native contact analysis (q1-q2)
Example: Calculating the percentage of native contacts
The percentag of native contacts, q, is the number of observed contacts
relative to the number of contacts in a reference state (typically, the
native state). The number of *contacts* is the total number of unique CA atoms
within in a fixed radius of all CA atoms.
This example script takes a trajectory of AdK in which the enzyme transitions
from the closed to the open state. Two sets of native contacts are computed:
contacts relative to the initial (closed) state, pdb 1AKE
contacts relative to the final (open) state, pdb 4AKE
The trajectory was generated with the dynamic importance sampling method (DIMS)
and taken from [Beckstein2009].
The final result is stored in a bzipped data file `adk_dims_q1q2.dat.bz2` and
the q1-q2 graph is also written to `figures/nativecontacts.pdf`
(requires :mod:`matplotlib`).
[Beckstein2009] O. Beckstein, E.J. Denning, J.R. Perilla and T.B. Woolf,
Zipping and Unzipping of Adenylate Kinase: Atomistic Insights
into the Ensemble of Open ↔ Closed Transitions. J Mol Biol 394
(2009), 160–176, doi:10.1016/j.jmb.2009.09.009
.. SeeAlso:: :mod:`MDAnalysis.analysis.contacts`
import MDAnalysis.analysis.contacts
from MDAnalysis.tests.datafiles import PSF, DCD # AdK example trajectory
import matplotlib
matplotlib.use('agg') # no interactive plotting, only save figures
from pylab import savefig, clf
have_matplotlib = True
except ImportError:
have_matplotlib = False
C = MDAnalysis.analysis.contacts.ContactAnalysis(PSF, DCD, targetdir="./output")
print "Data file was written to {0!r}".format(C.output_bz2)
if have_matplotlib:
matplotlib.rc('font', size=14)
matplotlib.rc('figure', figsize=(3.4, 3.8))
print "Wrote figures to ./figures/nativecontacts.{pdf,png}"