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GSOD Deliverables

Lily Wang edited this page Aug 31, 2019 · 3 revisions

A brief description of deliverables for Google Season of Docs, ordered by priority.


Introductory pages

  • A page on installing MDAnalysis
  • A quick start notebook with the following sections:
    • Link to page on installation.
    • Load in a Universe.
    • Basic introduction to AtomGroups, ResidueGroups, SegmentGroups.
    • Selecting atoms.
    • Trajectories and positions.
    • Writing out coordinates.
    • Universe persistence.
    • Introduction to Analysis and modules.

Page on data structures

At present this is planned as one page, with links in the sidebar to section headings. However, it may be split up into multiple pages if the content gets too overwhelming. This page will have the following sections:

  • Overview of the core classes in MDAnalysis (Universe, AtomGroup, Topology and Trajectory)
  • Universe
    • Methods of creation
  • AtomGroup
    • Indexing and selection
    • AtomGroup methods
  • Other Groups
  • Topology building