Installing from binary packages

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For some platforms, MDAnalysis can be installed directly in pre-compiled form. (If no pre-compiled packages are available, please see installing MDAnalysis from source.)


  • Fully supported, since 0.15.0
  • Currently only Linux 64 bit supported.
  • Python 3.4+ (since 0.17.0) and Python 2.7 supported (Linux and macOS)

Install the current anaconda package according to the conda docs. Users can either install by one step:

conda install -c conda-forge mdanalysis

Or two steps, first add the conda-forge anaconda channel, (this has to be done once):

conda config --add channels conda-forge

Then install MDAnalysis

conda install mdanalysis

Update MDAnalysis

conda update mdanalysis


Some third-party repositories might have binary packages of MDAnalysis but we are not currently making any distribution-specific binary packages available.

(If you are package maintainer for a distribution and you want your distribution listed here, please raise an issue to notify us and provide information and links to the distribution and the MDAnalysis package itself.)

Project Information

GNU GPL v2 code license
Labels: python, molecular dynamics, analysis, DCD, CHARMM, LAMMPS, NAMD, Gromacs, computer simulation, atoms, coordinates, trajectory, XTC, Library, object-oriented
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