Splitting off RotamerConvolveMD

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As outlined in the MoveToGitHub, we want to make applications separate repository within the MDAnalysis organization. (We should also relabel them simply as tools.)

We only have RotamerConvolveMD in the applications directory at the moment. RotamerConvolveMD now lives in its own repository MDAnalysis/RotamerConvolveMD.


Oliver followed Detach subdirectory into separate Git repository and the help of git subtree --help (working on a fresh clone, just for safety...):

git init RotamerConvolveMD
git clone git@github.com:MDAnalysis/mdanalysis.git
cd mdanalysis
git checkout -b develop origin/develop
git subtree split --prefix=applications/RotamerConvolveMD -b split_RotamerConvolveMD

Pull the subtree into the new repository:

cd ../RotamerConvolveMD
git pull ../mdanalysis split_RotamerConvolveMD
git checkout -b master
git remote add origin git@github.com:MDAnalysis/RotamerConvolveMD.git
git push origin master

This created the new repository https://github.com/MDAnalysis/RotamerConvolveMD.

Finally, remove the applications from the mdanalysis directory:

cd mdanalysis
git rm -r applications
git commit -m 'removed applications'
git push origin develop

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