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Travis CI

Oliver Beckstein edited this page Apr 5, 2019 · 1 revision

Travis CI is a continuous integration provider for Linux and macOS. We use it for exhaustive testing on Linux and some testing on macOS.

The running tests can be seen at

Travis CI is installed as a GitHub app and configured with read access to all repositories in the MDAnalysis org.

On Travis CI (specifically, on the settings are

  • General
  • Auto Cancellation (Auto Cancellation allows you to only run builds for the latest commits in the queue. This setting can be applied to builds for Branch builds and Pull Request builds separately. Builds will only be canceled if they are waiting to run, allowing for any running jobs to finish.)
  • Environment variables
    • none
  • Cron Jobs
    • none configured
    • (However, there still seems to be a cron build for master)

Note that sometime in 2018 MDAnalysis was migrated from to as part of a reorganization/consolidation of services by Travis CI. There's still old history at

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