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Domain Specific Language for Spatial Simulation Scenarios - DSL3S


Copyright 2010 - 2014 Instituto Superior Técnico. All rights reserved. Any use of this software constitutes full acceptance of all terms of the software's license.


This project is part of the doctoral studies on Computer Science by Luís de Sousa (student id D44155) at the Instituto Superior Técnico [1]. The aim of this project is to develop a graphical language capable of describing spatial simulations in the context of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This is to be the achieved by the development and application of a UML profile coupled to a code generation infrastructure. For more details on the project the following article is recommended:

de Sousa, L. M. and Silva, A. R., A Domain Specific Language for Spatial Simulation Scenarios. GeoInformatica, 19(5), 2015.



DSL3S and its accompanying code generator (MDD3S) are available as plug-ins for Eclipse. Install instructions and a manual are available at the project Wiki [2].


Software dependencies

To run this project from the source code the following pieces of software are required:

. Eclipse (4.3.1) - the development workbench [3];

. Papyrus (0.10.2) - Eclipse extension for UML modelling [4];

. Acceleo (3.4.1) - Eclipse extension for code generation [5];

The versions referenced are those presently supporting development and should be read as indicative. DSL3S has also been tested with Eclipse versions 3.6, 3.7 and 4.2, with which the equivalent development pipeline should also yield a fully functional project. DSL3S hasn't been tested on later versions of Eclipse but it should be likewise functional.

Beyond the development pipeline, the MASON [6] simulation library and its extension GeoMASON [7] are necessary to run the code generated by DSL3S.







DSL3S is released under the EUPL 1.1 licence [8]. For further details please consult the LICENCE file.


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