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Simple Secure Network File System - Coming Soon
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SSNFS - A Simple, Secure Network File System

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The reason I started this project is because currently, there is no network file transfer protocol that is:

  • Secure
  • Robust
  • Easy to setup

For example, in the Linux world there is NFS, but it has no security what-so-ever (without any separate tunneling). In the Windows world, there is Samba. Things are a little better here, but it still has no traffic encryption (by default) and may not be trivial to set up.

The goal

This project's goal is to create a simple way to mount a directory located on a server to one or more clients using the most security conscientious way available.


  • Read only mode (Completed)
  • Read Write mode (Completed)
  • Configuration (Completed)
  • Managment interface (In Progress)


First, clone the repository as well as the submodules: git clone --recursive

Or, if you already cloned the repository, but forgot to include --recursive, just run the following command in the repository directory: git submodule update --init --recursive

Before building, be sure to have Qt5 (qt5-default in Ubuntu) and libssl (libssl-dev in Ubuntu) already installed. For the client, you will also need libfuse2 (libfuse-dev in Ubuntu).

By default the PREFIX is set to /usr/local for release builds or the build directory for debug builds. If you would like to change this, simply add PREFIX=<new path> to the qmake line.

To build both client and server:

mkdir build
cd build
qmake ..
sudo make install

To build only server:

mkdir build-server
cd build-server
qmake "CONFIG+=server" ..
sudo make install

To build only client:

mkdir build-client
cd build-client
qmake "CONFIG+=client" ..
sudo make install


To set up the server, simply run the server executable with the --init option. This will start an interactive configuration system.

To access the server's web administration panel, just point your web browser to HTTPS port 2050 of the server.

To register a client with the server, run SSNFS-client register <Server Host>:<Server Port>.

Unfortunatly, a complete managment interface is not fully ready yet. It is currently activly being developed and should be ready soon. Until then, there may be some cases where you may need to edit the config.db using a SQLite3 capable editor.

On the client side, simply use the standard mount syntax: SSNFS-client <Server Host>:<Server Port>/<Share Name> <Mount Directory>


Please let us know on Gitter what you are working on so we can better coordinate our efforts.

Coding style

This project uses the Google C++ Style Guide

Commit Message Template

Please set .git-commit-template.txt as your commit message template and follow the rules set forth therein. To do so, simply run the following command in the project root directory:

git config commit.template .git-commit-template.txt

Read this post for more info.

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