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GLVote Is

GLVote is a simple web application to facilitate balloting according to the bylaws of the New Jersey Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons. It should be trivial to implement your own election but note that we make the following assumptions:

  • Voting booths are touch screen computers running Firefox or Chrome full screen.

  • There is one or more registration desk (poll worker station).

  • Voter registration is handled outside the context of this application.

  • A private wired network consisting of one or more registration desk / poll worker stations, one or more voting booth stations, and one computer running the Thin web server that is assumed to be free of eavesdroppers by virtue of the network being physically secure.

GLVote Is Not

GLVote is not a general purpose election application. Do not pretend it is. We make many assumptions to keep the system simple and reliable.

GLVote takes advantage of client-side enhancements that enable real-time functionality. The test suite uses Firefox and we test with Chrome. We do not even attempt to support Internet Explorer although it very well may work just fine.

Test Suite Quirks

The Cucumber test suite assumes the availability of a Faye server running on the localhost on port 9393. This can be launched with the command rackup -s thin -E production -p 9393

A Guardfile is included. To use it run: guard start.

Production Use

We use SQLite for production but feel free to modify database.yml and use something else. Use rake db:setup to setup your own database. The reason we stick with SQLite is for the simplicity and lack of need for anything high performance.

A production-ready Procfile is included. To use it run: foreman start.

To Do

The first thing on our to do list is to write down a to do list and post it here.


While this is an internal project at the moment feel free to contribute. Fork, modify, and create a pull request. Pull requests will only be considered if it includes tests.