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ME3Explorer is a fan-made modding toolkit for Mass Effect 3 on the PC. It has limited support for both Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. For more details, check out our website.

No longer under development (2-2-2019) :( See here for details, and fork as you wish :)


The latest stable can be downloaded on Nexusmods or via the download button below:

Download latest stable build

Modders and users with more advanced needs may find the changes in the latest revisions useful. It can be compiled from source using this repository or by downloading prebuilt binaries (program executables) from the Releases tab, which are occasionally published as new revisions come out.


For documentation on how to use ME3Explorer, take a look at our wiki. Instructions for each tool are not yet complete; development of the wiki is ongoing.


To contribute to this project, you can submit bug reports, make feature requests, or contribute code by forking the project and submiting pull requests. Coders should consult the Code Contribution Guidelines and Style Guide in the repo.

Kfreon's Tools

Existing versions of Kfreon's tools (TPF Tools, Texplorer, ModMaker, or Image Engine) in the toolset are locked and in archival state. Please do not report bugs or request new features for these tools; submitted issues will be closed and pull requests rejected. Feature suggestions for the re-write can be made in Kfreon's fork of ME3Explorer.

Code of Conduct

All contributors to ME3Explorer are expected to abide by our Code of Conduct. Please give it a quick read before you decide to contribute.


SirCxyrtyx is currently the lead developer for ME3Explorer, with Kfreon providing additional coding support for texture-related tools. Giftfish serves as toolset coordinator and graphic/GUI designer.

A complete list of contributing programmers, third party code, and other folks who deserve thanks is viewable in the toolset and on the wiki.