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Legendary Explorer is a fan-made modding toolkit for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition and the original Mass Effect Trilogy on PC. Legendary Explorer does not support modding Mass Effect games designed for other platforms.

This application is developed and maintained by ME3Tweaks and contains bleeding edge features for developers. Development is done on the beta branch, and releases are merged into the master branch.

New to modding?

Check out our github wiki which has tutorials on various modding subjects. Want to contribute? Sign up for github and start writing tutorials today for other users.

Need assistance? Join the ME3Tweaks Discord.

Getting the latest release

You can get the latest releases (stable and nightly) in ME3Tweaks Mod Manager's Tools menu, or you can download stable builds from the releases tab above. Come to the ME3Tweaks Discord to talk with the developers.

Enhanced by JetBrains

JetBrains has kindly given us several open source licenses for their tools that allow us to create better modding tools for you. Thanks, JetBrains!


You can check out the contributing guidelines and tips document, for both developers and end-users who need features.

Want to build the toolset yourself? Read the guide on how to do so, it's very easy to do.


LegendaryExplorer is licensed under GPLv3.