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Legendary Explorer is an upgraded and rebranded version of ME3Explorer - ME3Tweaks Fork, so we have kept the old versioning system. As such, this is the next major version of the toolset after ME3Explorer 5.1.

Legendary Explorer (LEX) supports both the Original Trilogy (OT) and the Legendary Edition (LE) version of the Mass Effect series of games. It is recommended that all mod developers move to Legendary Explorer, even if you are not planning on modding the LE, as all active development will be taking place on LEX.

Global Changes

  • Support for Legendary Edition files has been added to all tools
  • ME3Explorer has been renamed to Legendary Explorer (LEX for short), and ME3ExplorerCore has been renamed to Legendary Explorer Core (LEC for short)
  • Both LEX and LEC have been upgraded to .NET 5, which means to use the applications you will require the .NET 5 Runtime
  • Saving packages will initialize a busy pane while LE packages are being compressed as they can take several seconds to save
  • CLI arguments have been updated, allowing for more file types to be associated in Windows Explorer. You can now double click on a .DLC or .CND file to open in the toolset! File association options can be found in the new Settings window, or under the Options menu in Package Editor
  • Huge optimizations have been made to package saving and compression
  • There are now different icons for different file types
  • You can now port SeekFreeShaderCaches. You don't ever need to do this manually; if a material references an item in the shader cache, it will automatically port information over. This applies to both OT and LE.

Tool Changes

Renamed, and Deprecated Tools

  • PSA Viewer has been removed
  • Plot Database has been removed (a new version is in the pipeline)
  • Script Database has been removed
  • ASI Manager has been removed. A new version based on M3's implementation will be ported in for a future update
  • ME2/ME3 TLK Editor has been removed in favor of TLK Editor and TLK Manager
  • AutoTOC has been moved to debug mode only
  • SFAR Explorer has been moved to debug mode only
  • Interpreter has been renamed to Properties
  • Soundplorer has been renamed to Sound Explorer
  • Meshplorer has been renamed to Mesh Explorer
  • Coalesced Editor has been renamed to Coalesced Compiler

Main Window

  • The Main Window has been redesigned by Audemus as a fresh, modern UI
  • All tool icons have been redesigned, with 16x16 versions added to use as toolbar icons
  • A new settings window contains all settings from across the toolset in a central location.
  • A new WIP "Help Center" window provides links to tutorials and other resources for new developers

Package Editor

  • Information from the plot database about BioAutoConditionals functions will be shown in the TreeView when Show Metadata is enabled
  • Force reload package now only works if you've enabled experiments

Binary Interpreter

  • Added support for most LE formats


  • Interpreter tab was renamed to Properties tab
  • Improved support for SFXTimeline properties
  • More parsed struct values are displayed
  • Plot bool, int, float, conditional, and transition information from the plot database will be displayed on appropriate properties

Script Editor

  • Fix bug causing an entire application crash in rare instances

BIK Export Loader

  • Legendary Explorer now ships a slimmed-back version of VLC for playing of Bink 1 videos
  • Playback of Bink 2 videos is not currently supported

Bio2DA Editor

  • Plot int, conditional, and transition information from the plot database will be displayed when an appropriate cell is selected

Texture Viewer

  • Add support for BC7 textures
  • Switch to the DirectXTex library for all BC texture encoding/decoding
  • Texture rendering is GPU accelerated

Asset Database

  • Asset Database has had performance improvements, however it will require a regeneration of the database
  • Asset DB thread count has been capped to prevent excessive memory usage

Conditionals Editor

  • Conditionals Editor has been completely rewritten from WinForms to WPF
  • Many options have been moved from the edit menu to a context menu
  • Support for creating new .cnd files and adding new conditionals has been added
  • More information about the conditional from the plot database will be shown in the listbox.

Coalesced Compiler

  • Coalesced Compiler now integrates d00t's LECoal tool, and can convert both ME3/LE3 and LE1/LE2 coalesced formats.
  • You can now drag and drop a .bin, .extractedbin, or .xml file onto Coalesced Compiler to select as a file source
  • Improved UI, and filetype detection

Dialogue Editor

  • "Male" and "Female" audio tabs have been combined into a single tab utilizing the new Soundpanel Miniplayer
  • Plot bool, conditional, and transition information from the plot database will be displayed in the right side panel

FaceFX Editor

  • Support for editing lines embedded in FaceFXAssets has been added

Live Level Editor

  • The bundled ASIs for LLE have been removed from the toolset, because they began to get antivirus detections for some reason. You'll have to manually download these now so we can keep shipping builds. Nothing in these ASI files had changed so we don't know why it's now triggering.

Plot Editor

  • Plot bool, int, float, and transition information from the plot database will be displayed in some situations. Plot Editor is due for a re-write, so this feature is not fully implemented.

Sequence Editor

  • Support for reading sequence object positioning in LE files has been added
  • Right click 'skip sequence element' has been added, and can be used to skip a sequence element to a specific output

Sound Explorer

  • Support for replacing audio in LE2 and LE3 has been added
  • WwiseCLI.exe paths now need to be specified by the user to enable usage of multiple Wwise versions. A new dialog has been added to achieve this.

TFC Compactor

  • TFC Compacter no longer uses MEM behind the scenes and no longer regenerates mips, so you shouldn't lose any quality on recompaction. It now has checks for CRC mismatches which will be viewable in the soon-to-be-released Texture Studio tool.

TLK Editor

  • Edit panel can no longer take up the entire window, thanks to Herobrine24 for the bug report

Core Library Updates

  • The TOC file implementation has been updated to be more in line with vanilla TOC files, with support added for LE and new unit tests.
  • Texture handling is now part of the Core library.
  • The BioWare plot databases have been integrated into the Core library, and can be loaded and accessed through the PlotDatabases class.
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The final major release of ME3Explorer, with huge improvements to Script Editor, FaceFX Editor, Package Editor, and more.

This is NOT Legendary Explorer and does not support the LE versions of the game. Beta versions of Legendary Explorer are available through the tools menu in ME3Tweaks Mod Manager.

Changelog at #251

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Fixes several issues including (but not limited to) TFC Compactor, Export to UDK, and others.

Changelog at #216

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Fixes several issues including (but not limited to) TFC lookup and WwiseBank corruption when HIRC editing.

Changelog at #213

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Fixed some minor issues, added a few minor features. Changelog at #211

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The biggest update to ME3Explorer since ME3Explorer.

Changelog at #195

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This is a release candidate build for ME3Explorer 5.0. It is based on autobuild 1965 and is signed by ME3Tweaks.

Changelog at #195

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Big new release with lots of new convenience tools for developers. Read all about it at #154.

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This is a preview release of the upcoming version of ME3Explorer. This version is not yet fully stable and is here only for testing for interop with other tools that fetch releases from this github repository.