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Test Stuff, a simple game.

This is `get-a-key-go-to-exit-keep-alive`. Completely in 2D. There are no any story; you playing as the red square, looking for keys around on a level. Your enemies are:

  • Idiot: blue square with rotating arrows, can move only up or down.
  • The Drunken Bot: looks like player, but it`s green and it smiles to you. Walks in random direction, the same way like player.
  • A turret: shots in random direction with a constant interval. Bullets can fly through the walls.
  • The Boss: randomly moves left or right at the top of level, fires from two guns. Starts raging, when his health becomes low.

There are no savegames between levels, so if you`ll lost all backups and die somewhere at 15th level (for example), you will be returned to the first level. At the game's begin you have five backups; collecting of a big green square will give you one more backup (aka 1-UP).

Nobody (and nothing) is able to slay you, when you`re on the start; you can shoot only in boss-level, and your bullets can damage only the Boss.


Arrow keys - moving; Space - shot (in boss level only). Releasing of space causes shot too.


Type 'make' to build Test Stuff. In case of linkage fault you can compile it by typing the following: cc *.c -o TestStuff -lSDL -lSDLmain -lSDL_image -lGL -lGLU -ldl -lm -pthread -s -O2.

You need these libraries' development files to successfully compile Test Stuff:

  • libSDL (1.2);
  • libSDL_image;
  • libGL (OpenGL library);
  • libGLU.

GL and GLU libraries usually comes with most distributives.


Original Test Stuff were written in 2011. It has very clumsy C++ code, and a year later, in 2012, it was completely reborn in C with OpenGL-based rendering.


Test Stuff is a free software and comes under the terms of GNU General Public License v2.


A simple 2D game






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