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Welcome to the Log4Qt wiki!

This Log4Qt repository is a clone of the Log4Qt repository from which was itself a clone of the original Log4Qt project on SourceForge (

Original project Log4Qt is a C++ port of the Apache Software Foundation Log4j package using the Trolltech Qt Framework. It is intended to be used by open source and commercial Qt projects.


  • Minimum Qt version required Qt5.5.
  • C++11


Apache License 2, Version 2.0

Additional features

  • SimpleTimeLayout (“dd.MM.yyyy hh:mm [Thread] Level Logger Message”)
  • ColorConsoleAppender (render colorized message by escape sequence and put it to console)
  • SignalAppender (emit signal when log event happens)
  • DatabaseAppender (append log event into sql table)
  • DatabaseLayout (put log event into sql table columns)
  • Telnet appender (append log event to telnet clients)
  • LogStream (qDebug()-style log messages appending)
  • MainThreadAppender (Proxy appender for sending log messages through event loop)
  • Add XMLLayout to support apache chainsaw
  • Add DailyFileAppender which generates a logfile for each day (add current date formatted to the filename)
  • Add binary logger
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