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What is Keepin ?

Keepin App is an all-in-one identity solution. Verify who you are, provide information about yourself, store and secure your data in one place without losing control of it.

What Keepin Provides

Keepin can help users to manage ID and Authentication in a single application. Users can experience highly secure PKI based authentication that outperforms ID/PW + 2 Factor Auth. with simple biometric or PIN authentication. Users are also able to utilize safe storage of mobile device to manage their personal information.

Steps to Utilize Keepin

Download Keepin

Install Keepin for TestNet when testing with example apps or integration to newly registered Service ID.
If Keepin for Mainnet is already installed, be sure to delete and install.

  • Android
    • MainNet : Install in Google Playstore
    • TestNet : Download and install in link
  • iOS
    • MainNet : Install in AppStore
    • TestNet : Preparing

Service Registration

To register service, input service information at ServiceRegistry File and send Pull Request.
For iOS Services, extra step of registering scheme register is required.

SDK Preperation

Download proper SDK for your platform and add code.
For now only Unity.

Server Code Addition

Add codes to existing server code for authentication.
Reference: Server SampleCode