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@helmut2 helmut2 released this Apr 4, 2021


  • snapshotmfo.cls and template.tex: Spanish is now supported to allow translations to spanish
  • snapshotmfo.cls: \junioreditor now accepts explicit indication of gender and number, see template.tex for details
  • snapshotmfo.cls and template.tex: Loading of the package "ellipsis" has been moved from snapshotmfo.cls to template.tex. Otherwise heading and title would not be printed in tracked (letterspaced) sans serif font in current TeX environments.
  • template.tex: The title bookmark is offered as a workaround in the tex file as the title bookmark in snapshotmfo.cls is ignored in current TeX environments.
  • snapshotmfo.cls: the outdated package nag has been removed
  • snapshotmfo.cls now also works with the latest version of the hyperref package
  • testsuite: the unit tests have been rearranged
  • testsuite: the testing programs have been ported to python3 making them independent of the operating system

known shortcomings

  • isodate produces some warnings with Spanish but works fine
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