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Scripts for installing skywire on raspberries
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Scripts for installing skywire on raspberry pi devices. The skywire services are aumatically run at each reboot.

The scripts have been fully tested on a raspberry pi 3 B+ with OS raspbian lite.


bash --all --manager-ip <STATIC_IP_SKYWIRE_MANAGER>

STATIC_IP_SKYWIRE_MANAGER is the IP address of the raspberry which runs the skywire manager.

For more details, read this tutorial.

Additional information about the scripts and advanced usage is given below.


This is the script the user interacts with.

It comes with a --help flag which explains how to use the script. You can install the skywire in three steps using the following flags:

--update # updates your system (see
--golang # installs golang (see
--skywire # installs skywire (see
--manager-ip # needed when using the --skywire or --all flag

You can install the skywire with one single command:

bash --all --manager-ip <STATIC_IP_SKYWIRE_MANAGER>

When skywire is installed, the system will reboot. You can also install the skywire in 3 steps as follows:

bash --update
bash --golang
bash --all --manager-ip <STATIC_IP_SKYWIRE_MANAGER>

This might be useful for debugging purposes. The system will not reboot.

The script must be executed as root. Only bash --help can be run by another user. The script first manages the input arguments by scanning the flags. It then checks if it's being executed by root and if the manager IP exists (if provided). It then installs the software according to the input flags.

This script simply updates and upgrades your system, and installs the following additional packages:


Finally, it enables ssh which is convenient if you want to access your raspberry from another device.

This script installs go1.12.7.linux-armv6l.tar.gz from$golang_version. It adds some paths to ~/.bashrc and adds links in /usr/local/bin pointing to the golang binaries.

This scripts installs the official skywire software from Finally, it adds a cron job which runs the skywire services at each reboot.

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