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Course module navigation is a block that show the users a summary (like a table of content) of a course
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Course module navigation is a block that show the users a summary (like a table of content) of a course with sections name and a list of all resources and activties (except URL). One objective of this block is to replace classical block navigation in a way to present only the course contents and sections title. If you click on resources and activites of the menu, you display the page of the resource or activity.

This block use automaticaly names of sections and names of resources and activities. When you use course module navigation, we recommand to use pages to add videos or contents in order to be able to view all resources in the list of the block. If you want to display course module navigation on all pages of the course (main, activities, resources), make sure to check permission of the block and display it on "every page".

We add some options. Now you can

Block Settings

  • Section name: decided if you want to show the name of the section.
  • Course name: if you do not want the block to show the course name in the heading you can change it.
  • Time for each activity: fill in the time that is needed to complete and/or read the module.
  • Change the setting to: On each page to show the block on the EACH module pages

Site administration settings

  • Show this block only on module pages: set this block only to show on the module pages
  • Choice you own type of completion icon: Circle or Mark
  • Choice where to show the completion icon: left or right of the module name


  • Stealth mode: choice if the Navigation block should show or ignore stealth mode modules
  • Accordion modus for modules that are jumped in at least 1 to the right.

About activity completion

If activity completion is used in the course, course navigation block display a circle or mark empty or green to show state of completion.


Course module navigation was initialy developed by Bas Brand and was based on an request of Digidago (Clément PRUDHOMME). It is currently maintained by Lesterhuis Training & Consultancy.

Required version of Moodle

This version works with Moodle version 2015111600.00 3.0 (Build: 20151116) and above within the 3.0 branch until the next release.

Please ensure that your hardware and software complies with 'Requirements' in 'Installing Moodle' on ''.


  1. Ensure you have the version of Moodle as stated above in 'Required version of Moodle'.
  2. Put Moodle in 'Maintenance Mode' ( so that there are no users using it bar you as the administrator - if you have not already done so.
  3. Copy 'vsf_module_navigation' to '/blocks/' if you have not already done so.
  4. Login as an administrator and follow standard the 'plugin' update notification. If needed, go to 'Site administration' -> 'Notifications' if this does not happen.
  5. Put Moodle out of Maintenance Mode.


  1. Put Moodle in 'Maintenance Mode' so that there are no users using it bar you as the administrator.
  2. In '/blocks/' remove the folder 'vsf_module_navigation'.
  3. In the database, remove the for 'vsf_module_navigation' ('plugin' attribute) in the table 'config_plugins'. If using the default prefix this will be 'mdl_config_plugins'.
  4. Put Moodle out of Maintenance Mode.

Version Information


Languages and translation

English, Dutch and french versions included.


You can easily use .css to customize style of the bloc course module navigation.


@copyright 2016 Digidago

@author Bas Brands (

@author Nick Papoutsis(

@author Luuk Verhoeven (

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