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MG-RAST source code

This is the repository for the MG-RAST metagenome analysis system. Take a look at MG-RAST.


Don't try this at home.


MG-RAST is made available under a BSD type LICENSE, see the LICENSE file for details.

Please note: The MG-RAST team is dedicated to supporting the

server at, we are not resourced to help with local installations. So as much as we'd like to we can't help with local installations of this software.



MG-RAST is a pipeline, an archive, a complex web interface and several other tools. The entire systems was designed for a Linux/Unix system. We run it on a dedicated small cluster for the server infrastructure and heavily utilize CLOUD computing resources.


  1. MySQL
  2. PostGres
  3. Perl
  4. R
  5. Apache
  6. NGINX

For the bioinformatics software and databases used in MG-RAST please see the tools and data entry in our blog


type make

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