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CheckTdf is a command line utility that can scan Total Annihilation TDF format files (.tdf, .ota, .fbi, .gui) for errors and potential mistakes. It can also scan inside HPI archives, processing all the TDF files it finds.


CheckTdf is written in C# and requires .NET Framework version 4.0 or later.

Quick Start

If you are impatient or do not want to use the command line, you can use the provided batch runner. Find the TDF file or HPI archive you wish to check and drag it onto TdfCheckRunner.bat. Any generated errors and warnings will be written to CheckTdf-output.txt in the CheckTdf directory. If the file is blank, your file was error/warning free.

Command-Line Usage

You can also run the command-line program directly.

CheckTdf.exe <filename>

TdfCheck will output found errors and warnings to standard output, one line for each issue. It also has some defined exit codes:

1 --- a program error occurred.
2 --- parsing errors were generated.
4 --- warnings were generated.

The warning and parse error code can be generated in combination via bitwise OR, so you may also see an exit code of 6, representing that both errors and warnings were found.


The contents of foo.tdf, which contains a missing semicolon:

    varA = 1;
    varB = 2
    varC = 3;

Run the program:

CheckTdf.exe foo.tdf


test.tdf:5: Warning: Property 'varB' contains '=' (is the previous line missing a semicolon?)

CheckTdf finds a problem on line 5 and suggests that line 4 may be missing a semicolon.


Checks Total Annihilation TDF files for common problems







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