A seven day roguelike based around stealth gameplay
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DarkRogue is my entry into the seven day roguelike challenge 2014. It is my first ever roguelike, and also my first real project in Clojure.

Unfortunately I did not finish the game to a suitable level by the end of the challenge. However, the game is playable and I learned a lot. :)


You are a ninja, tasked with sneaking through yonder dungeon and assassinating a particular fellow with whom your esteemed associates do not get on. Unfortunately, said dungeon is also inhabited with guards who do not particularly welcome ninjas. Armed with only your sword and some ninja equipment, you must sneak through the dungeon and assassinate your target without getting killed yourself.


You are the white @. WASD or arrow keys move your player, or attack if you are next to an enemy.

The red @ is your target. Kill him to win the game.

G symbols are guards. Guards have a field of vision indicated by tiles with a white background.

If you sneak up on someone without them seeing you, you can stealthily kill them in one attack. Otherwise, you will need to face them head on.

Smoke bombs can be thrown with b. The smoke blocks the vision of enemies and may help you sneak through an area or escape a pursuer.