Mandelbrot set renderer written in F#
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A mandelbrot set renderer written in F#.

FMandel outputs images of the Mandelbrot set similar to those seen on Wikipedia. It uses a fixed colour palette and renders the set with smooth "renormalized" shading.

FMandel supports rendering with arbitrary position, rotation and level of detail and supports anti-aliasing using grid-based sub-sampling. FMandel also applies Floyd-Steinberg dithering to remove banding effects on subtle gradients.


fmandel [OPTIONS...] [filename]

If no filenmae is specified, the image is output to out.png in the current working directory.

A number of options are supported:

Short Long Default Description
-x --camera-x 0 Set the camera X position.
-y --camera-y 0 Set the camera Y position.
-f --frame-height 1 Set the height of the frame from the centre to the top or bottom.
-r --rotation-angle 0 Set the camera rotation angle in degrees. The camera rotates anti-clockwise, causing the image to rotate clockwise.
-s --sample-level 1 Set the sample grid density. A value of 2 would take 2x2 (4) samples per pixel.
-i --max-iterations 100 Set the maximum number of Mandelbrot iterations per pixel. A higher value increases detail.
-w --width 512 Set the width of the image in pixels.
-h --height 512 Set the height of the image in pixels.
-d --escape-radius 2000 Set the Mandelbrot escape radius. Points leaving this radius are considered to have "escaped" from the set.
--help Display the help screen.


fmandel -x -0.7 -f 1.15 -w 800 -h 600 -s 4 -i 1000


fmandel -x -0.65 -y 0.45 -f 0.01 -w 800 -h 600 -s 4 -i 1000


fmandel -x -0.65 -y 0.45 -f 0.00005 -w 800 -h 600 -s 4 -i 10000