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SLEEP=180 # 3 minutes
HOST=`hostname -s`
function create_cache {
ceph osd pool create ${1}.cache 48 48 replicated sc19-ssd
ceph osd tier add ${1} ${1}.cache
ceph osd tier cache-mode ${1}.cache writeback
ceph osd tier set-overlay ${1} ${1}.cache
ceph osd pool set ${1}.cache hit_set_type bloom
# 100GB
ceph osd pool set ${1}.cache target_max_bytes 107374182400
ceph osd pool set ${1}.cache target_max_bytes 107374182400
function remove_cache {
ceph osd tier cache-mode ${1}.cache forward --yes-i-really-mean-it
rados -p ${1}.cache cache-flush-evict-all
EMPTY=`rados -p ${1}.cache ls`
if [ "$EMPTY" == '' ]; then
ceph osd tier remove-overlay ${1}
ceph osd tier remove ${1} ${1}.cache
echo "Not removing cache pool ${1}.cache, not empty" | tee -a sc19-pool-control.txt
if [ "$CLIENT" == "--client" ]; then
DATE=`date +%F-%H%M%S`
for run in {1..10}; do
echo "Benchmark run $run write"
sudo rados -p ${POOL} bench 60 write --no-cleanup --concurrent-ios=16 2>$1 | tee sc19-rados-bench-write-${HOST}-run${run}-${DATE}.txt
echo "Benchmark run $run read"
sudo rados -p ${POOL} bench 60 seq --concurrent-ios=16 2>$1 | tee sc19-rados-bench-read-${HOST}-run${run}-${DATE}.txt
echo "Benchmark run $run cleanup"
sudo rados -p ${POOL} cleanup
echo "======== Starting new control run ========== " | tee -a sc19-pool-control.txt
for run in {1..10}; do
DATE=`date +%F-%H%M%S`
echo "Creating cache at $DATE" | tee -a sc19-pool-control.txt
create_cache $POOL
# 5 minutes 300
echo "Sleeping for $SLEEP seconds at $DATE" | tee -a sc19-pool-control.txt
sleep $SLEEP
echo "Initiating cache drain at $DATE" | tee -a sc19-pool-control.txt
remove_cache $POOL
echo "Finished cache drain at $DATE" | tee -a sc19-pool-control.txt
sleep 10
echo "======== End of control run ========== " | tee -a sc19-pool-control.txt
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