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Data describing Biobank

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For MIABIS Core 2.0 purpose, Biobank is defined as an organization or an organizational unit that stores samples and data related to the samples. In MIABIS Core 2.0 biobanks do not contain samples directly, but they are hosting sample collections. On the level of biobanks, only attributes related to the organizational aspect of the biobanks are represented. (Merino-Martinez et al. Biopreserv Biobank. 2016; 14(4):298-306).

Attribute Code Attribute Name Allowed Values Description
MIABIS-2.0-01 ID Text Textual string of letters starting with the country code (according to standard ISO1366 alpha2) followed by the underscore “_” and post-fixed by a biobank ID or name specified by its juristic person (nationally specific)
MIABIS-2.0-02 Acronym Text Textual string of short name in use for the biobank. If applicable
MIABIS-2.0-03 Name Text Textual string of letters denoting the name of the biobank in English
MIABIS-2.0-04 URL Text Textual string of letters with the complete http-address for the biobank
MIABIS-2.0-05 Juristic Person Text Textual string of letters denoting the juristic person e.g. a university, concern, county council etc. for the biobank
MIABIS-2.0-06 Country Text ISO-standard (3166 alpha2), two letter code for the country of the biobank
MIABIS-2.0-07 Contact Information Structured data Contact information for the contact person of the biobank MIABIS-2.0-07
MIABIS-2.0-08 Description Text Textual string of letters with a description about the biobank in English.
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