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Data describing Sample Quality

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MIABIS proposal for sample quality on liquid samples

Note! This is an ongoing process to specify the MIABIS sample quality on liquid samples.

Attribute Code Attribute Name Allowed Values Description
MIABIS-39 Pre-centrifugation time Text .
MIABIS-40 Post-centrifugation time Text .
MIABIS-41 Primary container Text list List of the most common primary tubes
MIABIS-42 Storage temperature Text list The long term storage temperature at which the samples are stored after preparation. Can be several values: MIABIS-19
MIABIS-43 Lid tightness control Text list Yes/No. Monitoring if the long-term containers are tightly capsulated, e.g. if the tubes are weighed on a regular basis
MIABIS-43 Stable markers Text list Information if stable markers are measured. Can be several values: Sodium, Potassium, Other
MIABIS-43 Fasting Text list Information if the sample is a fasting sample (crucial when measuring e.g. glucosis). Can be one of the following values: Yes or No.
MIABIS-44 Documentation Text list Yes/No if pre-analysis handling is documented prior to the long-term-storage in the biobank.
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