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Data describing Study

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For MIABIS Core 2.0 purpose, Study represents a set of samples brought together in the context of a research study. A study can combine samples from several sample collections and from several biobanks. One sample can be included in multiple studies. (Merino-Martinez et al. Biopreserv Biobank. 2016; 14(4):298-306).

Attribute Code Attribute Name Allowed Values Description
MIABIS-2.0-01 ID Text The unique ID or acronym of the study
MIABIS-2.0-02 Name Text The name of the study in English
MIABIS-2.0-08 Description Text A description of the study aim. Recommendation max. 2000 char.
MIABIS-2.0-18 Principal Investigator Text The name of the person responsible for the study e.g. the principal investigator
MIABIS-2.0-07 Contact information Structured data Contact information for the contact person of the study MIABIS-2.0-07 and MIABIS-2.0-23
MIABIS-2.0-19 Study design Text list The design of the study. Can be one or several values: MIABIS-2.0-19
MIABIS-2.0-09 Sex Text list The sex of the study participants. Can be one or more of the following values: Male, Female, Unknown, Undifferentiated MIABIS-2.0-09
MIABIS-2.0-10 Age Low Integer Age of the youngest study participant at time of inclusion
MIABIS-2.0-11 Age High Integer Age of the oldest study participant at time of inclusion
MIABIS-2.0-12 Age Unit Text list Unit defining Age Low and Age High. Can be one of the following values: years, months, weeks, days
MIABIS-2.0-13 Data categories Text list The type of data that is associated with the samples in the study. Can be several values MIABIS-2.0-13
MIABIS-2.0-14 Material type Text list The biospecimen saved from a biological entity for propagation e.g. testing, diagnostics, treatment or research purposes. Can be several values MIABIS-2.0-14
MIABIS-2.0-20 Total number of participants Integer Total number of individuals recruited to the study
MIABIS-2.0-21 Total number of sample donors Integer Total number of individuals with biological samples in the study
MIABIS-2.0-22 Inclusion criteria Text list Information on type of parameters that determine which individuals will become study participants. Can be several values MIABIS-2.0-22
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