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Entire list of attributes

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Attribute Code Attribute Name Description
MIABIS-2.0-01 ID ID of the MIABIS component. This is a generic attribute name, shared by several MIABIS components. It needs to be redefined for each component. ID is associated to "Biobank", "Sample Collection", "Study", "Sample", etc.
MIABIS-2.0-02 Acronym
MIABIS-2.0-03 Name
MIABIS-2.0-05 Juristic Person
MIABIS-2.0-06 Country
MIABIS-2.0-07 Contact Information
MIABIS-2.0-08 Description
MIABIS-2.0-09 Sex
MIABIS-2.0-10 Age Low
MIABIS-2.0-11 Age High
MIABIS-2.0-12 Age Unit
MIABIS-2.0-13 Data categories
MIABIS-2.0-14 Material type
MIABIS-2.0-15 Storage temperature
MIABIS-2.0-16 Collection type
MIABIS-2.0-17 Disease
MIABIS-2.0-18 Principal Investigator
MIABIS-2.0-19 Study design
MIABIS-2.0-20 Total number of participants
MIABIS-2.0-21 Total number of sample donors
MIABIS-2.0-22 Inclusion criteria
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