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Theoretical evidence for adversarial robustness through randomization

This repository contains the code for our NIPS 2019 Paper


export PROJECTDIR=`pwd`/Adversarial-Robustness-Through-Randomization

# define the data and models folders
mkdir data models
export DATADIR=`pwd`/data
export WORKDIR=`pwd`

# download and processed datasets 
cd neuralnet
pip install -r requirements.txt
python3 code/dataset/ --output_dir=$DATADIR

Run training and eval

The config.yaml file should be in the config folder

./sub/ config | bash

To make an eval under attack after training

./sub/ config --attacks all | bash 
./sub/ config --attacks 'fgm pgd carlini' | bash

To config the GPUs

./sub/ config --gpu_train '0,1' --gpu_eval '2,3' --gpu_attacks 0 --attacks all | bash

Inside the PROJECTDIR the default folder is 'models' to change if

./sub/ config --path /new/path/for/models

Train multiple models

To launch a series of experiment with different parameters, it possible to use the config file as a template and to populate it with values.

Example of config file as template:

    distributions:            {distributions}
    scale_noise:              {scale_noise}

You can populate the values with the "params" parameter:

./sub/ config_template --params '{"distributions": "l1", "scale_noise": 0.01}' --name xp
./sub/ config_template --params '{"distributions": "l2", "scale_noise": 0.02}' --name xp
./sub/ config_template --params '{"distributions": "exp", "scale_noise": 0.03}' --name xp

New config file will be generated and saved in the 'config_gen' folder. Each config file will have a different id.

Run evaluation or attacks

Run an evaluation with the eval script followed by the name of the model folder the model folder should be in the WORKDIR/models otherwise you set the path with '--path'. The attacks script run all attacks by default.

./sub/ 2019-04-11_09.05.49_1541 | bash
./sub/ 2019-04-11_09.05.49_1541 | bash

./sub/ 2019-04-11_09.05.49_1541 --path /new/path | bash
./sub/ 2019-04-11_09.05.49_1541 --path /new/path | bash

To config the GPUs

./sub/ 2019-04-11_09.05.49_1541 --gpu '0,1' | bash

Override parameters to run multiple evaluation

It is possible to run multiple evaluation with different parameters with the '--params' command. The '--params' takes a json string of the same structure as the config file. The parameters are overrided from the load model_flags.yaml inside the model folder.

Example of config file:


  <<: *DEFAULT
  <<: *EVAL_TEST
  <<: *ATTACK
  attack_method:              FastGradientMethod
    eps:                      0.3
    ord:                      inf
    clip_min:                 -1.0
    clip_max:                 +1.0


./sub/ 2019-04-11_09.05.49_1541 --params '{"FastGradientMethod": {"eps": 0.1}}' 
./sub/ 2019-04-11_09.05.49_1541 --params '{"FastGradientMethod": {"eps": 0.2}}' 
./sub/ 2019-04-11_09.05.49_1541 --params '{"FastGradientMethod": {"eps": 0.2}}' 

The results will be inside the logs files and in the history file.


Code for Adversarial Robustness through Randomization







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