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Releases: MINDS-i/Dashboard

Version 1.5.2

09 Dec 00:25
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Release Notes v1.5.2

New Features, Changes & Additions

Dashboard Enhancements/Changes:

  • Vehicle Heartbeat Monitor: A serial communications monitoring pulse has been added to check for communication loss between the dashboard and a connected ground unit.
  • Reset telemetry defaults: A default reset button has been added to the top of the telemetry data window to allow for quick default settings reset.
  • Logging: Added log messaging stating the next waypoint location once the current target is successfully reached.
  • Geofence:
    • Added geofence restriction for waypoint placements based on the currently configured radius of the geofence and initial waypoint placement
    • Added user configurable geofence radius to dashboard settings
    • Added “set home to current location” option as a button in the waypoint panel.
    • Updated GPX file save, load to support undo redo functionality and geofence placement
  • User settings are now cleared upon installation of a new dashboard version
  • Added additional filtering to widget orientation gauges to smooth out orientation hiccups
  • Added radio failsafe to Dashboard and APM to stop autonomous movement and prevent reactivation in the event of signal loss from the manual controller. This is accompanied by a log message when activated.

Bug Fixes

  • Telemetry Settings
  • Adjusted line gravity limit range to 0.25-0.75
  • Fixed display error where Line #0 in the telemetry settings was not showing on all versions of the dashboard.

Version 1.4.0

12 Nov 23:26
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Release Notes v1.4.0

New Features, Changes & Additions

Dashboard Widget Design Changes:

  • General visual changes: The waypoint management and telemetry widget borders have been thinned down, and secondary widgets such as those that display angle or orientation have been reduced to 75% of their original size.
  • Right Widget Panel: This window now displays several categories of information.
    • General telemetry information (Ground mode no longer displays readings for sea level and altitude)
      • Vcc: Voltage readings will now turn red below 6.5v to indicate that the battery should be changed. Once voltage drops below 6.0v, a currently active mission will be stopped, and the vehicle will switch to an idle state.
    • Several pieces of state information have been added:
      • A status gauge which displays the moment to moment processing being performed by the vehicle.
      • APM: The current running state of the vehicle APM
      • Drv: The drive state of the vehicle
      • Aut: Displays the autonomous mode: (Full, Avoid, Stalled)
      • Flg: Decision flags being provided to the rover by its sensors.
      • GPS: The current state of the GPS signal. Log warning messages changes for signal states have also been added.
    • A ping sensor widget that gives visual feedback from the sensing of objects and their proximity based on the vehicle’s ultrasound sensors.
    • A bumper widget that displays activated states provided by pressed bumper sensors.
      • This widget can be enabled/disabled on the configuration screen. It is disabled by default as not all models support a bumper.
  • Basic Arduino CLI (Command Line Interface) support.
    • The configuration screen can now be used to compile and upload sketches to an attached APM. This will still require any Arduino libraries to be correctly installed beforehand to function properly.
  • Telemetry settings changes:
    • Several of the min/max/default settings have been fine tuned.
    • Sliders have been added for more intuitive control of values within their predefined ranges.
  • The graph configuration popup window has had its window size locked.
  • A minimum distance between waypoints is now recommended if two waypoints are placed too closely together.
  • All mission waypoint manipulation via mouse or left control panel, except for clearing all waypoints, is now locked during an active/started mission.
  • The heading angle widget now has a more visible directional arrow.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the APM version from showing correctly on the Configuration Panel.
  • Fixed a bug that did not change the Start/Stop mission button back to “Start” on completion of a mission path.
  • Fixed a bug where the reported angle of the vehicle to the dashboard, and the angle image for the angle widget were offset by 90 degrees.

Version 1.0.2

20 Oct 22:25
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Release Notes v1.0.2

New Features

Continuous zoom

  • Buttons (+/-) on the waypoint panel can now be held down to continuously zoom in or out of the map at a set rate.

Full zoom

  • A full zoom button has been added to the waypoint panel. Pressing this will zoom the map to the lowest level, centering it on the currently set home point.

Setting a home location

  • A setting has been added to the configuration screen for specifying a home coordinate. This setting is saved and will persist between application uses. This is the same home coordinate targeted by the full zoom feature.

Command undo/redo support

  • Waypoint pathing operations are now added to a tracking system which allows those operations to be undone or redone on demand. Undo/Redo buttons have been added to the waypoint panel to facilitate this change.
  • Supported commands:
    • Adding a waypoint
    • Removing a waypoint
    • Moving an existing waypoint
    • Clearing all waypoints
    • Manually editing a waypoints values
    • Setting the current rover target

Windows application installer

  • A windows based installer for the application will now be provided for future releases. This simplifies the installation of the application and allows secondary requirements such as the FTDI CDM Radio Telemetry drivers to be installed alongside the main application without the need to manage multiple installation files separately.

Moved persistent settings location

  • Persistent settings such as home position and ground/air mode are now stored in the users appdata folder to remove the potential requirement for admin write access. (appdata/local/MINDS-i Dashboard)

Bug Fixes

Rover targeting

  • Fixed a bug where the rover would not correctly re-target the start of a path when manually inserting a waypoint at the beginning of that path.

Limiting window instances

  • The Configuration and Telemetry windows are now limited to one instance at a time. If one of these windows is open and an additional attempt to open the window is made, the window will now be brought to the foreground instead of an additional window instance being created. This does not apply to the graphing window as it can be useful to have multiple graph instances to display different sets of data.


11 Jan 22:16
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Bug Fix for waypoint lists when connected


28 Dec 18:31
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Release of MINDS-i Dashboard 1.0.0

Release 0.5.2

12 Jul 01:38
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Update tile source servers

Release 0.5.0

26 May 02:45
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Release 0.5.0

v0.4.1: Drone Dashboard 0.4.1

12 Sep 21:48
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Functions with Drone library 0.4.0