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Oct 19, 2018
Release v3.0.2
Aug 11, 2016
Version 3.0.1
Better documentation of QTI sensor wiring in QTI examples
Added delays to Ping Sensor examples to reduce noise from echoes
Fixed bug causing LeonardoBreadboard to reboot when scrolled too far
May 17, 2016
Better quality and radio compatability for getRadio and isRadioOn
New example for competitionTemplate using a dedicated switch channel

AUV5ping and CompetitionTemplate use the steering channel for determining
	if a signal is present

Updated LeonardoBreadboard for newest liquid crystal library from yourduino

Better documentation in MINDSi.h
May 12, 2016
This update extends the minimum interval a radio signal must be "miss…

for `isRadioOn` to consider it off.
Feb 12, 2016
Compatability fixes for arduino 1.6.7
Jan 6, 2016
Support for Leonardo in Automated Testing sketch
Oct 1, 2015
Release of version 2.2.0
	Added leonardo breadboard sketch to application examples
Aug 20, 2015
Release of version 2.1.0
Apr 16, 2015
Version 2.0.0 of MINDS-i; new explicitly licensed under apache 2.0
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