CPU microarchitecture, step by step
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A small MIPS CPU core originally based on Sarah L. Harris MIPS CPU ("Digital Design and Computer Arhitecture" by David Money Harris and Sarah L Harris). The first version of schoolMIPS was written for Young Russian Chip Architects summer school.

The CPU have several versions (from simple to complex). Each of them is placed in the separate git branch:

  • 00_simple - the simplest CPU without data memory, programs compiled with GNU gcc;
  • 01_mmio - the same but with data memory, simple system bus and peripherals (pwm, gpio, als);
  • 02_irq - data memory, system timer, interrupts and exceptions (CP0 coprocessor);
  • 03_pipeline - the pipelined version of the simplest core with data memory
  • 04_pipeline_irq - the pipelined version of 02_irq
  • 05_pipeline_ahb - 04_pipeline_irq with AHB-Lite bus support and Scratchpad RAM

For docs and CPU diagrams please visit the project wiki

CPU diagram