Provides a web interface for MIaS
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WebMIaS – Web interface for MIaS


WebMIaS is a web interface for MIaS. WebMIaS accepts math queries in TeX or MathML notation combined with text queries. TeX queries are converted to MathML on the fly. Results contain match snippets.


Setting up

Locate the file named in the WEB-INF/classes/cz/muni/fi/webmias directory inside the WebMIaS.war ZIP archive, and set up the following properties:

  • PATHS – A comma-separated list of directories, where MIaS indices are located. This corresponds to the INDEXDIR property in the configuration file of MIaS, but multiple paths can be specified.
  • INDEX_NAMES – A comma-separated list of names of the corresponding indices.
  • STORAGES – A comma-separated list of directories, where the source files that were used to produce the corresponding indices are located.
  • MAXRESULTS – The maximum number of results that the system retrieves.

The resulting file might have the following content:



JVM configuration

It can be useful to increase memory limits for Tomcat JVM running WebMIaS instance. See sample file Modify the configuration to fit your needs and copy the result as an executable script in $CATALINA_BASE/bin of your Tomcat server to keep your customizations separate of the Tomcat distribution scripts.

Citing WebMIaS


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