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Update Attribute.php #3974

merged 1 commit into from Dec 30, 2018
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@@ -152,6 +152,7 @@ class Attribute extends AppModel
'url' => array('desc' => 'url', 'default_category' => 'Network activity', 'to_ids' => 1),
'http-method' => array('desc' => "HTTP method used by the malware (e.g. POST, GET, ...).", 'default_category' => 'Network activity', 'to_ids' => 0),
'user-agent' => array('desc' => "The user-agent used by the malware in the HTTP request.", 'default_category' => 'Network activity', 'to_ids' => 0),
'ja3-fingerprint-md5' => array('desc' => "JA3 is a method for creating SSL/TLS client fingerprints that should be easy to produce on any platform and can be easily shared for threat intelligence.", 'default_category' => 'Network activity', 'to_ids' => 1),
'regkey' => array('desc' => "Registry key or value", 'default_category' => 'Persistence mechanism', 'to_ids' => 1),
'regkey|value' => array('desc' => "Registry value + data separated by |", 'default_category' => 'Persistence mechanism', 'to_ids' => 1),
'AS' => array('desc' => 'Autonomous system', 'default_category' => 'Network activity', 'to_ids' => 0),
@@ -314,7 +315,7 @@ class Attribute extends AppModel
'Payload delivery' => array(
'desc' => 'Information about how the malware is delivered',
'formdesc' => 'Information about the way the malware payload is initially delivered, for example information about the email or web-site, vulnerability used, originating IP etc. Malware sample itself should be attached here.',
'types' => array('md5', 'sha1', 'sha224', 'sha256', 'sha384', 'sha512', 'sha512/224', 'sha512/256', 'ssdeep', 'imphash', 'impfuzzy', 'authentihash', 'pehash', 'tlsh', 'cdhash', 'filename', 'filename|md5', 'filename|sha1', 'filename|sha224', 'filename|sha256', 'filename|sha384', 'filename|sha512', 'filename|sha512/224', 'filename|sha512/256', 'filename|authentihash', 'filename|ssdeep', 'filename|tlsh', 'filename|imphash','filename|impfuzzy', 'filename|pehash', 'mac-address', 'mac-eui-64', 'ip-src', 'ip-dst', 'ip-dst|port', 'ip-src|port', 'hostname', 'domain', 'email-src', 'email-dst', 'email-subject', 'email-attachment', 'email-body', 'url', 'user-agent', 'AS', 'pattern-in-file', 'pattern-in-traffic', 'stix2-pattern', 'yara', 'sigma', 'mime-type', 'attachment', 'malware-sample', 'link', 'malware-type', 'comment', 'text', 'hex', 'vulnerability', 'x509-fingerprint-sha1', 'x509-fingerprint-md5', 'x509-fingerprint-sha256', 'other', 'hostname|port', 'email-dst-display-name', 'email-src-display-name', 'email-header', 'email-reply-to', 'email-x-mailer', 'email-mime-boundary', 'email-thread-index', 'email-message-id', 'mobile-application-id', 'whois-registrant-email')
'types' => array('md5', 'sha1', 'sha224', 'sha256', 'sha384', 'sha512', 'sha512/224', 'sha512/256', 'ssdeep', 'imphash', 'impfuzzy', 'authentihash', 'pehash', 'tlsh', 'cdhash', 'filename', 'filename|md5', 'filename|sha1', 'filename|sha224', 'filename|sha256', 'filename|sha384', 'filename|sha512', 'filename|sha512/224', 'filename|sha512/256', 'filename|authentihash', 'filename|ssdeep', 'filename|tlsh', 'filename|imphash','filename|impfuzzy', 'filename|pehash', 'mac-address', 'mac-eui-64', 'ip-src', 'ip-dst', 'ip-dst|port', 'ip-src|port', 'hostname', 'domain', 'email-src', 'email-dst', 'email-subject', 'email-attachment', 'email-body', 'url', 'user-agent', 'AS', 'pattern-in-file', 'pattern-in-traffic', 'stix2-pattern', 'yara', 'sigma', 'mime-type', 'attachment', 'malware-sample', 'link', 'malware-type', 'comment', 'text', 'hex', 'vulnerability', 'x509-fingerprint-sha1', 'x509-fingerprint-md5', 'x509-fingerprint-sha256', 'ja3-fingerprint-md5', 'other', 'hostname|port', 'email-dst-display-name', 'email-src-display-name', 'email-header', 'email-reply-to', 'email-x-mailer', 'email-mime-boundary', 'email-thread-index', 'email-message-id', 'mobile-application-id', 'whois-registrant-email')
'Artifacts dropped' => array(
'desc' => 'Any artifact (files, registry keys etc.) dropped by the malware or other modifications to the system',
@@ -332,7 +333,7 @@ class Attribute extends AppModel
'Network activity' => array(
'desc' => 'Information about network traffic generated by the malware',
'types' => array('ip-src', 'ip-dst', 'ip-dst|port', 'ip-src|port', 'port', 'hostname', 'domain', 'domain|ip', 'mac-address', 'mac-eui-64', 'email-dst', 'url', 'uri', 'user-agent', 'http-method', 'AS', 'snort', 'pattern-in-file', 'stix2-pattern', 'pattern-in-traffic', 'attachment', 'comment', 'text', 'x509-fingerprint-md5', 'x509-fingerprint-sha1', 'x509-fingerprint-sha256', 'other', 'hex', 'cookie', 'hostname|port', 'bro')
'types' => array('ip-src', 'ip-dst', 'ip-dst|port', 'ip-src|port', 'port', 'hostname', 'domain', 'domain|ip', 'mac-address', 'mac-eui-64', 'email-dst', 'url', 'uri', 'user-agent', 'http-method', 'AS', 'snort', 'pattern-in-file', 'stix2-pattern', 'pattern-in-traffic', 'attachment', 'comment', 'text', 'x509-fingerprint-md5', 'x509-fingerprint-sha1', 'x509-fingerprint-sha256', 'ja3-fingerprint-md5', 'other', 'hex', 'cookie', 'hostname|port', 'bro')
'Payload type' => array(
'desc' => 'Information about the final payload(s)',
@@ -346,7 +347,7 @@ class Attribute extends AppModel
'External analysis' => array(
'desc' => 'Any other result from additional analysis of the malware like tools output',
'formdesc' => 'Any other result from additional analysis of the malware like tools output Examples: pdf-parser output, automated sandbox analysis, reverse engineering report.',
'types' => array('md5', 'sha1', 'sha256','filename', 'filename|md5', 'filename|sha1', 'filename|sha256', 'ip-src', 'ip-dst', 'ip-dst|port', 'ip-src|port', 'mac-address', 'mac-eui-64', 'hostname', 'domain', 'domain|ip', 'url', 'user-agent', 'regkey', 'regkey|value', 'AS', 'snort', 'bro','pattern-in-file', 'pattern-in-traffic', 'pattern-in-memory', 'vulnerability', 'attachment', 'malware-sample', 'link', 'comment', 'text', 'x509-fingerprint-sha1', 'x509-fingerprint-md5', 'x509-fingerprint-sha256', 'github-repository', 'other', 'cortex')
'types' => array('md5', 'sha1', 'sha256','filename', 'filename|md5', 'filename|sha1', 'filename|sha256', 'ip-src', 'ip-dst', 'ip-dst|port', 'ip-src|port', 'mac-address', 'mac-eui-64', 'hostname', 'domain', 'domain|ip', 'url', 'user-agent', 'regkey', 'regkey|value', 'AS', 'snort', 'bro','pattern-in-file', 'pattern-in-traffic', 'pattern-in-memory', 'vulnerability', 'attachment', 'malware-sample', 'link', 'comment', 'text', 'x509-fingerprint-sha1', 'x509-fingerprint-md5', 'x509-fingerprint-sha256', 'ja3-fingerprint-md5', 'github-repository', 'other', 'cortex')
'Financial fraud' => array(
'desc' => 'Financial Fraud indicators',
@@ -400,6 +401,7 @@ class Attribute extends AppModel
'hostname' => 'Network activity',
'domain' => 'Network activity',
'url' => 'Network activity',
'ja3-fingerprint-md5' => 'Network activity',
'link' => 'External analysis',
'email-src' => 'Payload delivery',
'email-dst' => 'Payload delivery',
@@ -418,7 +420,7 @@ class Attribute extends AppModel
// This helps generate quick filtering for the event view, but we may reuse this and enhance it in the future for other uses (such as the API?)
public $typeGroupings = array(
'file' => array('attachment', 'pattern-in-file', 'md5', 'sha1', 'sha224', 'sha256', 'sha384', 'sha512', 'sha512/224', 'sha512/256', 'ssdeep', 'imphash', 'impfuzzy', 'authentihash', 'pehash', 'tlsh', 'cdhash', 'filename', 'filename|md5', 'filename|sha1', 'filename|sha224', 'filename|sha256', 'filename|sha384', 'filename|sha512', 'filename|sha512/224', 'filename|sha512/256', 'filename|authentihash', 'filename|ssdeep', 'filename|tlsh', 'filename|imphash', 'filename|pehash', 'malware-sample', 'x509-fingerprint-sha1', 'x509-fingerprint-sha256', 'x509-fingerprint-md5'),
'network' => array('ip-src', 'ip-dst', 'ip-src|port', 'ip-dst|port', 'mac-address', 'mac-eui-64', 'hostname', 'hostname|port', 'domain', 'domain|ip', 'email-dst', 'url', 'uri', 'user-agent', 'http-method', 'AS', 'snort', 'bro','pattern-in-traffic', 'x509-fingerprint-md5', 'x509-fingerprint-sha1', 'x509-fingerprint-sha256'),
'network' => array('ip-src', 'ip-dst', 'ip-src|port', 'ip-dst|port', 'mac-address', 'mac-eui-64', 'hostname', 'hostname|port', 'domain', 'domain|ip', 'email-dst', 'url', 'uri', 'user-agent', 'http-method', 'AS', 'snort', 'bro','pattern-in-traffic', 'x509-fingerprint-md5', 'x509-fingerprint-sha1', 'x509-fingerprint-sha256','ja3-fingerprint-md5'),
'financial' => array('btc', 'xmr', 'iban', 'bic', 'bank-account-nr', 'aba-rtn', 'bin', 'cc-number', 'prtn', 'phone-number')
@@ -904,6 +906,7 @@ public function validateAttributeValue($fields)
'x509-fingerprint-md5' => 32,
'x509-fingerprint-sha1' => 40,
'x509-fingerprint-sha256' => 64,
'ja3-fingerprint-md5' => 32,
'pehash' => 40,
'sha224' => 56,
'sha256' => 64,
@@ -928,6 +931,7 @@ public function runValidation($value, $type)
case 'sha512/224':
case 'sha512/256':
case 'authentihash':
case 'ja3-fingerprint-md5':
case 'x509-fingerprint-md5':
case 'x509-fingerprint-sha256':
case 'x509-fingerprint-sha1':
@@ -1319,6 +1323,7 @@ public function modifyBeforeValidation($type, $value)
case 'sha512':
case 'sha512/224':
case 'sha512/256':
case 'ja3-fingerprint-md5':
case 'hostname':
case 'pehash':
case 'authentihash':
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