Maltego Transform to put entities into MISP events
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	Created by: Tom King
	Adapted from:

Maltego Transform to put entities into MISP events

Adust the following variables in

MISP_VERIFYCERT = False #Verify SSL Certificate or not
MISP_DEBUG = False #Set debug for PyMISP
MISP_EVENT_PUBLISH = <Publish T/F> #Publish event on creation
MISP_DISTRIBUTION = <0-3> #Distribution Level
MISP_ANALYSIS = <0-2> #Analyis Level
MISP_THREAT = <1-4> #Threat Level
MISP_TO_IDS = <IDS T/F> #Send to IDS

There is only one main file,, which all transforms utilise
The following are links to this file:

All transforms and transform set are contained within the package "MISPego.mtz"
After importing this, you must manage the imported transforms, changing Working
Directory to the custom-transform location and Command Line (if using Windows etc.)

The following transform set will be imported: MISPego

The following transforms will be imported:

[MISPego] Create Event / Creates event and returns MISPEvent containing new Event ID
[MISPego] Select Event / Selects MISPEvent by ID as event to add attributes to
[MISPego] Add Domain to Event / Adds domain to selected MISP Event
[MISPego] Add IP to Event / Adds IP to selected MISP Event
[MISPego] Add Email Address to Event / Adds email address to MISP Event
[MISPego] Add Hash to Event / Adds md5-sha1-sha256 hash to MISP Event

Usage Notes:
  - Use Phrase to create Event, with Phrase Text => Event Description
  - Use MISP_Event to select for insertion (This has one hour time-out protection)
  - Ensure folder has write-access permissions, so that event.db can be written.
  - Hash uses the VirusTotal Hash result