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MISP Decaying Models

Starting from MISP 2.4.114, a decaying feature is available to apply decaying on attributes in your MISP instance. MISP comes with a set of default decaying models which can be customised by the users. This repository contains all the default models.

For more information about decaying and expiring attributes/indicators in MISP, the training materials MISP and Decaying of Indicators is a good start.

Simulate decaying in MISP threat intelligence platform Overlay of decaying per model in the event/attribute view of MISP


  • nids-simple-model - Simple decaying model for Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS).
  • phishing-model - Simple model to rapidly decay phishing website.
  • vishing-model - Simple model to rapidly decay voice scamming, vishing relying on phone-numbers.

How to contribute your decaying model?

It's very easy. Fork the repository, create a new JSON file with your model and make a pull-request.


The MISP decaying models are dual-licensed under CC-0 and a simple 2-clause BSD license.