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MISP Docker

The files in this repository are used to create a Docker container running a MISP ("Malware Information Sharing Platform") instance.

I rewrote the Docker file to split the components in multiple containers (which is more in the philosophy of Docker).

The MISP container needs at least a MySQL container to store the data. By default it listen to port 80. I highly recommend to serve it behind a NGinx or Apache reverse proxy.

The build is based on Ubuntu and will install all the required components. The following configuration steps are performed automatically:

  • Reconfiguration of the base URL in config.php
  • Generation of a new salt in config.php
  • Generation of a self-signed certificate
  • Optimization of the PHP environment (php.ini) to match the MISP recommended values
  • Creation of the MySQL database
  • Generation of the admin PGP key

Building your image

Fetch files

# git clone https://github.com/MISP/misp-docker
# cd misp-docker
docker build -t misp .

Fix your environment

Edit the docker-compose.yml and change the following environment variables:

  • Changed the volumes to match your local filesystem

Build the containers

# docker-compose build