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"requiredOneOf": [
"attributes": {
"entrypoint-address": {
"description": "Address of the entry point",
"disable_correlation": true,
"ui-priority": 0,
"misp-attribute": "text"
"type": {
"description": "Type of ELF",
"sane_default": [
"ui-priority": 0,
"misp-attribute": "text"
"number-sections": {
"description": "Number of sections",
"disable_correlation": true,
"ui-priority": 0,
"misp-attribute": "counter"
"arch": {
"description": "Architecture of the ELF file",
"sane_default": [
"ui-priority": 0,
"misp-attribute": "text",
"disable_correlation": true
"os_abi": {
"description": "Header operating system application binary interface (ABI)",
"sane_default": [
"ui-priority": 0,
"misp-attribute": "text",
"disable_correlation": true
"text": {
"description": "Free text value to attach to the ELF",
"disable_correlation": true,
"ui-priority": 1,
"misp-attribute": "text",
"recommended": false
"version": 4,
"description": "Object describing a Executable and Linkable Format",
"meta-category": "file",
"uuid": "fa6534ae-ad74-4ce0-8f23-15a66c82c7fa",
"name": "elf"