Specifications used in the MISP project including MISP core format
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MISP standards

This repository is the official source of the specification and formats used in the MISP project.

The formats are described to support other implementations which reuse the format and ensuring an interoperability with existing MISP software and other Threat Intelligence Platforms.

All the formats can be freely reused by everyone.

MISP Formats in use and implemented in multiple software

MISP Format in design phase and implemented in at least one software prototype

  • misp-modules-protocol which describes the misp-modules protocol used between MISP and misp-modules.

MISP Format in design phase

  • misp-collaborative-voting-format which describes the collaborative voting and scoring format for the feeds providers.

Sample files

If you want to see how a threat intelligence can be easily expressed in MISP standard, the following resources might give you some ideas:

Installing MISP is also another option to see the MISP standards in action. The MISP standards are actively used in the MISP threat intelligence platform to support the complete chain from intelligence creation, sharing, distribution and synchronisation.


If you want to contribute to the MISP specifications, feel free to open an issue.