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"namespace": "PAP",
"expanded": "Permissible Actions Protocol",
"description": "The Permissible Actions Protocol - or short: PAP - was designed to indicate how the received information can be used.",
"version": 2,
"exclusive": true,
"predicates": [
"value": "RED",
"expanded": "(PAP:RED) Non-detectable actions only. Recipients may not use PAP:RED information on the network. Only passive actions on logs, that are not detectable from the outside.",
"colour": "#ff0000"
"value": "AMBER",
"expanded": "(PAP:AMBER) Passive cross check. Recipients may use PAP:AMBER information for conducting online checks, like using services provided by third parties (e.g. VirusTotal), or set up a monitoring honeypot.",
"colour": "#ffa800"
"value": "GREEN",
"expanded": "(PAP:GREEN) Active actions allowed. Recipients may use PAP:GREEN information to ping the target, block incoming/outgoing traffic from/to the target or specifically configure honeypots to interact with the target.",
"colour": "#00ad1c"
"value": "WHITE",
"expanded": "(PAP:WHITE) No restrictions in using this information.",
"colour": "#ffffff"
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