Visual Studio HTML previewer for Sciter developers
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OmniView - Visual Studio HTML previewer for Sciter developers

Source code is structured according to Mads Kristensen workflow (see video).

Download from VS Gallery for VS 2015.

Download from VS Gallery for VS 2017.

More info here


  • supports VS2013, VS2015
  • every time you save file (CTRL + S), viewer reloads the previewer, that is, loads again the corresponding .html or .tis file
  • console area at the bottom of viewer which shows Sciter output/error messages (like CSS warnings)
  • console has REPL prompt for evaluating TIScript code and showing the return value
  • CTRL + E + V: toggles the previewer (and adds/removes the header textual flag)
  • CTRL + E + B: toggles the console area
  • you can detect whether your code is running inside OmniView's window by checking the following flags set in Sciter engine:
    • CSS: @media omniview { .. }
    • CSS: [omniview] div { display: visible; }
    • TIScript: if(View.omniview) { .. }