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The iPhone native portion of the MIT Mobile Framework
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Latest commit 5530e4c @bskinner bskinner Merge pull request #965 from MIT-Mobile/ross-toolbar-fix
Shuttle stop map was showing the toolbar when in map/list mode. Fixes #964
Failed to load latest commit information.
App Delegate Merge pull request #836 from MIT-Mobile/4.0/scanner-module-status-bar
Common Improved animations and robustness of pull to refresh
Docs/iPhone/news Update news.markdown search behavior
External Officially removed smcallout
MIT Mobile Tests Update the map callout disclosure image. #828
MIT Mobile.xcodeproj Added animations to more closely mimic native pull to refresh
MIT Mobile.xcworkspace Successful build w/ cocoapods, working RestKit and Pull to Refresh
MIT Mobile/Images.xcassets Update the map callout disclosure image. #828
MITMapTiles MIT Overlay tiles now load locally. #438
Modules Fix for #964
Pods Updated RestKit and dependencies
Resources Remove CSS for unused images from News template.
.gitignore Removing pods folder from gitignore to include in project
Entitlements.plist Update build profiles
LICENSE Update LICENSE copyright years to include 2012.
MITModuleItem.h Rename the MITModuleType so its purpose is a bit clearer
MITModuleItem.m Rename the MITModuleType so its purpose is a bit clearer
MIT_Mobile-Info.plist Bumping build number to 8.
MIT_Mobile_Prefix.pch Basic libraries tests
Main.storyboard Hide the navigation bar in the drawer view. #528
Podfile Updated RestKit and dependencies
Podfile.lock Updated RestKit and dependencies
README.markdown Updated readme
main.m Removed testflight


About the app

MIT Mobile for iPhone is the official iPhone app for MIT. It is created and maintained by MIT and shared under the MIT license. The project includes components from other open source projects — their licenses are detailed in their respective source files.

MIT Mobile for Phone is free and available on the App Store.

Contributions are welcome!

Building the app

MIT Mobile is using cocoapods, so make sure that you open MIT Mobile.xcworkspace, and not the project file.

Technical Details

  • Base SDK is Latest iOS (7.0)
  • Deployment Target is iOS 7.0


Questions, comments, and feedback are welcome at

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